Boutique: Mattel

Note that shipping charges are not included

Dress forms and furniture not included.

Silkstones by Mattel

Suit Retreat outfit, blouse, belt, short and shoes 30 EUR
dolls, dressform not included

Disney by Mattel

Dress form not included.

[OOAK Snowwhite]
Snow White
Dressed doll
OOAK outfit as a bonus
25 EUR
10 EUR

Collectibles & Misc

Anna Sui Boho
Mint in box
89 EUR + shipping
Lucy Gets a Paris Gown
Mint in box
20 EUR + shipping
Gone With the Wind
Scarlett the Red Dress
Mint in box
Gone With the Wind
Peach Tree Street
Set of 2 dolls 100 EUR + shipping
40 EUR + shipping
25 EUR + shipping
Ashley Olsen
doll + 3 outfits
30 EUR
10 EUR
Mary Kate Olsen
doll + 3 outfits
30 EUR
10 EUR